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Today's Date: November 14

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Englishman Jonathan Carver enters Wakan Tipi, the cave and sacred site in present-day St. Paul, long used by Dakota people, that white settler-colonists would come to call by his name (Carver's Cave). Carver writes in his diary: "...came to the great stone cave called by the Naudowessies [Dakota] the House of Spirits. This cave is doubtless a greater curiosity than my short stay and want of convenience allowed me to sufficiently explore."


Telegraph service reaches Minneapolis.


Harrison Salisbury is born in Minneapolis. A reporter and author, he would be especially noted for his writing on the Soviet Union, and in 1955 he would win the Pulitzer Prize for international correspondence.


Mike O'Dowd, "the Cyclone of St. Paul," defeats Al McCoy to win boxing's middleweight title, which he holds until 1920.


Author Meridel Le Sueur dies in Hudson, Wisconsin. Born in Murray, Iowa, on February 22, 1900, Le Sueur moved with her family to Minnesota when she was twelve. A reporter and the author of novels and short stories, she was blacklisted for being a member of the Communist Party. Her work was rediscovered and heralded by feminists in the 1970s.